Welcome Home, Birders!

There are many birding websites dedicated to attracting wild birds to your backyard or your garden.  There is SO much information about attracting birds to your feeders, so we are glad that you have found us!

BirdOur Mission

It is our mission to help individuals turn their “backyard” into a beautiful backyard sanctuary for our feathered friends. No matter how big or small your backyard is, YOU can create a sanctuary for you and for your bird friends. You will find tools, ideas, and pictures that can turn any environment (from a pasture to a patio) into YOUR sanctuary.

EducationCardinal Bird

To teach is to learn…. that is one of the reasons Backyard Bird Sanctuary was born. We wanted to learn how to create a home for our wild, beautiful, feathered friends…. so we read… ALOT! We found that many friends and neighbors came to us to find out how they can attract their favorite bird, so we found ourself teaching others – thus this website was born!

Birds In A NestOur Promise

It is our promise to YOU, fellow birders, that we will provide the most current information regarding our feathered friends to you. The “Recent Posts” to the right side of this page will give you the most current blogs trending in the birding community.

You will also find product reviews so that you can make the best decisions about feeders, seeds, and supplies for your backyard bird sanctuary.

Birds, Birds, and More About BirdsSuspicious Landing

Need to know more information about attracting different types of birds? An entire webpage is devoted to the most common birds, their favorite seeds and feeders. If you don’t see your favorite, leave a comment in the comments section and we WILL ADD your bird for you!


Most of all…. this is YOUR website.

If you want to discuss a topic or want more information about feeders, migration patterns, or ways to turn your backyard into a sanctuary, add a comment below (or on ANY page) and we WILL respond!

We are so glad that you found your way home!

Happy Birding!

Bryson Harbin


Welcome Home! — 11 Comments

  1. Very nice looking Website. Colorful plus many good ideas for a backyard Sanctuary. You give access to some nice places and Feeders as well. Great Job!

  2. Have to browse around your post. It looks like I came to the right place to find the best ways to attract birds to my feeder. 🙂

  3. Your website is really quite beautiful and very informative. Seeing your pictures of so many different types of birds and reading your enthusiasm for bird-watching reminds me of my grandmother. She LOVED birds and new the names of almost every local species! Thanks for bringing back good memories. 🙂

    • Katrina,
      I am glad that the website brought back good memories! We will be adding different birds in the upcoming weeks. If you would like a specific bird, please let us know!
      Happy Birding!

  4. I can sit and watch birds all day, they are amazing creatures! I used to live in Colorado and just sit out in my backyard watching the many beautiful birds. Now I live at the beach and watch quirky little birds with long beaks and long legs pick crabs from the sand and dodge the waves like little roadrunners. I get a kick out of watching! Currently I don’t have a yard but I will pass this on to friends that do 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing our website with your friends! We recently visited the beach and fell in love with laughing gulls – look for our new page on Ocean Birds (coming soon!)

  5. This is a very cool article. There’s nothing more relaxing than kicking back on the patio and enjoying the birds singing and flying around. Thanks for posting.

  6. Thank you for providing an informative website for encouraging Birds in our backyards. We have very little wildlife around our home at present as we live on a new, and still being built, development, so I am hoping your tips will help change that. I have bookmarked and will return.

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