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One spring day, I was standing in front of my kitchen washing dishes (yes… I AM the dishwasher!). I noticed cardinals all around the backyard where I had tossed out some bread for the “wildlife”. I was mesmerized at the bold, beauty right before my eyes as I watched the cardinals dart in from the trees to the bread and then fly away with their tasty morsels. When I looked down, the dishes were done! I was hooked!!!

Birdwatching has not only helped with making household chores a lot more pleasant, but has also been therapeutic.  When I experienced the deepest and most profound loss in my life, I found that watching birds enjoy the sanctuary that was created for them helped me through this sadness. I recommend bird watching for those living with PTSD – having served our country, these beautiful creatures have garnered joy and healing daily. Watching their joy for life (and love for the little things like special berry treats) has helped me to find life again 🙂

It is my hope that this website helps you bring peace and comfort to your life thorough your own backyard sanctuary.

Why Another Birding Website?

This website was created to help birdwatchers, no matter what “level” of experience, find the unbridled joy in watching our feathered friends in your own personal sanctuary. Birding can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want it to be. It is my hope that you will find helpful resources to turn your backyard into a sanctuary, no matter your budget. Tips and Hints were created to help YOU avoid MY mistakes as a novice birdwatcher and bring you the peace, healing and joy that I have experienced while birding.

I love feedback! Please feel free to share your comments and feedback 🙂

Happy Birding!

Ginger & Lori

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About Me — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Ginger …your site is quite beautiful …that is a beautiful bird in your header image and your website compliments it – I think women have the flair for colour and style – you certainly have.
    You caught me in a good mood – recently came across the Johnny Cash version of One and I have been playing it over and over on my headphones for the last half hour while I have been working on my websites. Listening to it while looking at your site was very pleasant …good luck to you Ginger …Andrew

    • Andrew,
      I am glad that you found the website enjoyable. More content will be added soon so I hope you keep coming back to learn more about our wonderful feathered friends!

  2. Just thought I would drop in and say I love the colours on your site, I have a bird table outside and I often sit and watch The Finches , Woody’s Doves all sorts and it just gives you that feel good feeling just watching them, Nature at its best, I think you have a winner Ginger and I am very lucky because I supply the RSPB in Sandy with their electrical requirements and I just take a stroll now and then and I just love all the different songs its like a competition, Well Done Ginger Great and Informative Site, I am just building mine but I am learning a bit more each day, Best Regards Gary Moorey

    • Gary,
      Thank you for your posting! We are glad that you like the website – it has been a passion to help others enjoy the wonderful feathered friends that brighten out day! Happy Birding 😉

    • Jerry,
      Thank you for visiting the website 🙂 We will be posting more content soon… hope you keep coming back! P.S. I visited your website – it is beautiful 🙂

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