Rain or Shine: What OUR Birds Love to Come Home To!
Our Bird Sanctuary... Feeding Frenzy in the Rain

Our Bird Sanctuary… Feeding Frenzy in the Rain

Starting your bird sanctuary is quite simple – all you need are a few feeders and a pole to attach feeders. However…..
There are so many different types of bird feeders on the market. Which bird feeder is the best for you?
It depends on the type of bird feeder or bird seed combinations you are looking for…
Listed below are some of my favorite combination bird feeders that attract a wide variety of birds.
If you are looking for bird specific feeders, click on the following birds for specific feeder reviews 🙂

Blue Jays          Doves               Nuthatches          Robins

Cardinals          Gold Finches    Orioles                 Titmouse

Chickadees      Hummingbirds   RedWinged Blackbirds

Woodpeckers    Wrens

Personal Favorites in MY Backyard Sanctuary
Product: Kaytee Finch Station 2
Price: 15.99 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Purchase: Amazon

Types of Birds: Gold Finches, House Finches, Chickadees

My Rating: 9 out of 10
Product Details

The Kaytee Finch Station 2 is a wonderful attractor for Goldfinches, Chickadees, and  House Finches. Within days of hanging this in my backyard sanctuary, I spotted my first goldfinch. I can’t tell you how excited I was! By keeping the Nyjer in the sock, my Goldfinches have brightened up my backyard season after season!

Pros: Easy to fill, has two replacement socks included, easy to hang hook, holds up to 7 lbs of nyjer (but I would not recommend filling to the top – about 3/4 full is enough for the beauties to hang and feast), meets the requirements for the Wild Bird Feeding Institute

Cons: Some may not like the bright yellow dome. It can be covered with natural looking tape, if necessary (although my birds seem to love it, as it is the color of spring flowers), the socks need replacing every 4-6 weeks (depending on weather and feeding)


Product: Perky-Pet 50144 Deluxe Chalet Cedar Feeder, 5.2-Pound Capacity
Price: 24.99 (Retail)

Cheapest Place to Purchase: Amazon

Perky-Pet 50144 Deluxe Chalet Cedar Feeder, 5.2-Pound CapacityType of Birds: Finches, Song Birds, Cardinals, Blue Jays, MockingBirds, Chickadees

My Rating: 9.5/10

Pros: Easy to fill, sturdy materials, easy to hang hook, holds both suet cakes and 3 lbs of loose seed. There are two perches for birds to stand on and feed.

Cons: The perches make it somewhat easy for squirrels to hang on to. If you have a squirrel baffle on your pole, this is a great feeder for attracting all types of birds!


Feeders and Seed: What Birds Love to Come Home To — 8 Comments

  1. Pretty neat, however birds aren’t really my thing. And I always had heard people liked to go bird watching, typically from the elderly age group, but wasn’t the point getting out and about. With this situation, ya it is very beautiful and awesome, but you miss the whole point of bird watching to begin with, the adventure. Is there a way to maybe incorporate the 2 into 1?
    Zach C.
    Market Merchant (MM+)
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    • Zach,

      Absolutely – I live in an urban area where the “adventure” is rush hour traffic. However, many communities are building bird sanctuaries in empty plots of land – which is a 2-for-1 advantage – it allows greenspace to beautify the area as well as a place for “adventurers” to still bird watch but not have to hike miles away to do so.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

      Best Wishes,

      Lori & Ginger

  2. Loved your post on starting a bird sanctuary and as you say it really is easy to get them to come to your yard. As a lover of these beautiful creatures having them in my garden would give me a great deal of pleasure. However it concerns me that birds that people feed in this way will lose the ability to find food for themselves and will become dependent on the supplied food. How likely do you think this is and does it put the birds at risk?

    • Margaret,

      What a great question! According to the Cornell Orinthology department, the rate at which wild birds are losing their habitat is alarming. During the winter months, it is difficult for may birds to find enough food, there fore they started Project Feeder Watch. This helps them track the migration patterns of birds as well as ensuring that all birds have enough to eat during the winter months.

      Birds who eat from feeders still eat nuts, berries, and seeds as they do in the wild. It just provides them a safe haven to eat with a steady supply of food. I often see birds foraging in plants that I strategically placed in the yard so they can feed naturally as well. This link explains how to add plants to your yard to attract birds and also help them independently forage food as if there were no feeders present.


      Happy Bird Watching 🙂

      Lori & Ginger

  3. I’m a avid bird lover and I have 3 budgies, but I am looking for something to attract more bird life into my garden.

    To me there’s nothing better than having my morning coffee while watching and listening to some beautiful birds.

    The Kaytee Finch Station 2 looks really good as I do have a lot of problem’s with cats around my neighborhood, so this looks like a really good solution to my problem.

    Thanks for pointing it out!

    • Joel,

      I really love the Katee Finch Station – there is nothing like watching these beauties hang from the sock feeder from my window. They are like a ray of sunshine!

      Hope you enjoy the feeder!


      Bryson Harbin

  4. I love having a bird feeder! Except there’s also a squirrel that lives close by. As much as I love the squirrel, he’ll empty out the bird feeder in no time. I recently bought a bird feeder with a cage around that’s meant to deter the squirrels from getting at the bird seed. So far, the birds haven’t learned to use the feeder. I’m hoping in time they’ll learn!

    • Elsa,

      I, too, love the bird feeders that have the squirrel proof cage around it! My squirrels FINALLY decided to eat out of their feeder. The squirrel feeder is placed far away from by bird feeders so that they are not tempted. One or two squirrels will still find the bird feeders, but it is a lot less now! Thank you for sharing your experience with squirrel-proof feeders!


      Ginger & Lori

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