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Boreal Birds Need Our Help!

Boreal_ForestDid you know that the Boreal Forest is home to more than 300 species of birds? It is one of the largest areas that are home to not only our feathered friends, but also a wide range of animals and flora.

The Boreal Forest, located in North America (primarily Canada and Alaska) is 80% intact. According to the report Boreal Birds Need Half, biologists indicate that of the 1.5 billion acre’s of conifer trees, our birds and wild need at least HALF in order for avoid extinction. Over 3 BILLION birds build nests each year and raise their young in the Boreal Forest EACH YEAR!

Besides bears and caribou, Whoooo calls the Boreal Forest home? According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, these are most common feathered friends that live and breed in the Boreal Forest:

Palm Warbler


98% of Palm Warblers

dark eyed junco


80% of Dark-Eyed Juncos



83% Great Gray Owls





79% Bay-Breasted Warblers



According to Jeff Wells, scientist and policy director for the Boreal Songbird Initiative, if we set aside at least 50% of the forest and develop no more than 700 million acres for logging and mining in a SUSTAINABLE MANNER, our wildlife and feathered friends can be protected.

As it stands, only 12% of the Boreal Forest is currently protected. 30% is already slated for destruction for logging and energy development. Ontario and Quebec are trying to enact legislation to protect 200 million acres from deforestation.

For more information how to save the Boreal Forest and protect the habitats of our feathered friends, visit Save The Boreal Forest website by clicking HERE!

Saving Birds Together,

Ginger & Lori


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