EYE see you – said the song bird chirping happily in the trees 🙂

Did you know that birds have excellent vision? They are able to see distances and colors much better than humans are able to see. Colors are important to a bird’s habitat so choosing the best colors to use in your backyard can increase more feathered friends to visit (and perhaps stay).

BRIGHT colors

Bright colors are important to birds. Males with brightly colored feathers tell females that they are mature, healthy, and would be an ideal mate. Fruit and berries that are bright colors let birds know that the berrieshummingbird and fruit are ripe and ready to eat.

Hummingbirds are attracted to bright reds, pinks, and yellows. Yellows, oranges, and darker reds attract house finches, Gold Finches, Orioles, and Warblers.laughing-dove-in-garden

Gray, Brown, and Dull Greens (also known as bird camouflage colors) attract birds that have a skittish or nervous temperament. These colors represent safety, shelter, and security to doves, quails, and other birds that feed on the ground.

AVOID stark, bright whites! White is a signal to many birds that there is danger close by. White is also known to be a color of aggression to many birds. If you add a lot of white to your backyard, it will more than likely scare them away rather than attract them!

Top 5 Ways to Add Bird-Loving Colors to Your Yard

5. Plants – When you are considering adding plants to your backyard bird sanctuary, choose the most vibrant varieties (reds, pinks, oranges). Make sure your plants have both early blooming and wildflowerslate blooming so that the birds will enjoy the colors (and visiting you) as long as possible.

HINT: Some of my favorite plants include impatiens, larkspur, salvia, and trumpet vine

4. Painting sheds, fences, or other tall standing structures in your back yard will attract birds (and offer a perching place while waiting their turn for the feeder!)

HINT: Make sure that all paint you are using around bird perching or bird feeders is non-toxic!

birdbath3. Gazing balls are a feathered friend favorite! They are shiny and birds simply love them! They come in many colors that would match any decor in your backyard!

2. Ornamentation: Wind Socks, garden flags, brightly color chairs and benches are all bird attractors. Again, the reds, yellows and oranges seem to attract the widest variety of birds to my backyard.

1.Brightly Colored Bird Feeders – Red bird feeders are a favorite of hummingbirds and yellow feeders are favorites of Gold Finches.  Yellows and Oranges are also popular colors to attract song birds. Of course, the good old fashioned cedar bird houses are also great for all types of birds (and you can DIY decorations to match your own backyard sanctuary).

What do you use to attract birds to your backyard sanctuary? I would love for you to share your ideas with our Backyard Bird Sanctuary Community.

Happy Birding!

Ginger and Lori


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