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DIY Suet Cakes and Birdseed: Easy to Follow Recipes

If you are like me, you are a “do it yourself” kind of person. Maybe you like to make sure that what you are feeding your family, as well as your feathered and furry friends. Maybe you are someone who likes to conserve money and make each penny count. Either way, below, you will find some great recipes for DIY Suet Cakes and DIY birdseed that are both cost conscious and eco-friendly for your pocketbook AND your feathered friends!

DIY Suet Cakes: 4 Easy Steps

Suet Blocks or Suet Cakes are a great way to increase the traffic to your backyard bird sanctuary. These handy little cakes are also critical for birds’ survival during the colder months where food is scarce because they provide essential nutrients to help conserve heat. Most Suet Cakes or Blocks are in wire cages where birds can perch to feast. However, I have found that individual aluminum cake pan (smaller in size) with holes cut out for water drainage also work very well. (My birds prefer the cake pan to the hanging suet feeder at the moment!).


  • 2 Cups Lard or Crisco
  • 1 Cup Peanut Butter
  • 7 Cups Seed, Nuts, Dried Berries and/or Dried Worms Blend
  • Pie Pan, Cookie Sheet or Muffin Tin
  • Saran Wrap


Step 1: Melt the Crisco/Lard on low heat until liquid. Do NOT boil!


Step 2: Mix Lard or Crisco, Peanut Butter, and Seed Mixture by hand until mixed well.             Mix_Suet_ You can buy pre-made bird seed mix or make your own. I make my own using Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Birdseed Millet Mixture, Dried Cranberries and Dried Blueberries from the grocery store (off brand works just fine!). Dried worms are optional. I buy all of my items Walmart  and have them shipped to me! If you can’t find dried worms, try your local pet store.


pour suetStep 3: Pour seed mixture into a cookie sheet (if you are going to cut to fit into square mesh suet holders) or into a muffin tin if you are going to hand suet from a tree branch/feeder. Get creative! I have used heart pans for Valentines Day and Clover pans for St. Patty’s day J Refrigerate at least 2 hours or until solid.



Step 4: Cut the suet into desired shapes or sized. Wrap any unused suet in saran wrap and seal in baggies (to prevent moisture). Keep in a dry place until ready to use!


What have you tried in your Suet Cakes? We welcome your thoughts and recipe ideas for feeding your backyard feathered friends!

See you next time 🙂



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  1. Thank you for this page! I enjoy DIY projects and this one is so awesome! Thank you for including pictures on each step! Looking forward to your next post!

    • Camille,
      I am so glad that you enjoyed the website! It is a super easy DIY project 🙂 Thank you for the feedback on the pictures… I will keep the pages coming!
      Best Wishes,

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