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Fabulous Feeders for Your GoldFinches

Feeding Goldfinches is one of the most rewarding times in my backyard sanctuary! I remember my first goldfinch sighting – the stunning 5” yellow and black body hanging out on the Nyjer sock simply took my breath away!

Having proper seed and feeders for these breathtaking beauties will allow you to enjoy Goldfinches into the late Spring and Fall (with the first sighting in early April).

Below are reviews on the BEST Goldfinch Seed and Feeders so that YOU, too, can enjoy the breathtaking beauty these birds bring into your backyard sanctuary!

GoldFinch Seed Reviews

Nyjer SeedNyjer seed (sometimes called thistle seed) will keep Gold Finches visiting your backyard bird sanctuary for many months. This seed also has an advantage, as it keeps larger birds from chasing the Gorgeous Goldfinches away.

Nyjer can be purchased in a bag (seen above) for less than 18$. If you are going to be using refillable “socks” or tubes, this is the most economical way to go! Nyjer can be found in several local stores, but the best quality (and the type I find my birds liking the most) come from Duncraft (a highly reputable bird store). Need to Order? Click HERE.

GoldFinch Feeder Reviews

Nyjer Stockings, Set of 3

Nyjer® Stockings, Set of 3
Size: 8 inch refillable stockings

Price: $7.95 / set of 3

Birds: Goldfinches, House finches, Indigo Bunting

Description:  These Nyjer Stockings have a soft netted material which birds can cling to easily. They are refillable with loose Nyjer seed (above). There are a set of 3 stockings per order.  Each stocking holds up to 1lb of seed.

Pros: The advantages of these stocking is definitely the price! 3 stockings for $7.95 is a great deal! Besides the price, Goldfinches LOVE stocking feeders. The soft material makes it very easy for them to hold on and eat until their hearts content. The stocking is a deterrent for larger birds since their beak will not fit to get the seed. These stockings are very easy to hang and are portable if you need to move spots.

Cons: The major disadvantage is that the stocking will need to be replaced after a few months. Depending on your climate, the seed may stain the white stocking (Duncraft makes a weather protector to help prevent weather damage to the stocking). The holes in the stocking will eventually get larger and some seed will fall out (The doves will love the spilled seed!). Overall, a very good product for the price and the “cons” are very minimal!

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Copper Nyjer Spiral Feeder

Size: 17-1/2 inches tallCopper Spiral Nyjer Feeder

Price: $39.95

Birds: Goldfinches, House finches, Indigo Bunting

Description:  This is a spiral, copper-colored metal with aluminum and stainless steel parts. It has a squirrel-proof patented locking lid which offers an extra layer of guaranteed protection against those marauding critters. The feeder is incredibly easy to clean, as the bottom comes off after one twist for complete access. The easy-to-hang looped wire hanging cable even holds the feeder’s lip securely so you don’t have to wonder where you put it when you take it off.

Pros: The advantages of this feeder is that is it very durable and attractive to look at. The Goldfinches love the spiral loop to hang on to while feeding. It is very easy to clean and hang up. There is a small catch tray at the bottom and some wrens like to feed from the tray.

Cons: The major disadvantage is that the interior is metal. Sometimes, GoldFinches prefer the soft material of a sock instead of trying to eat through the metal. However, they will perch on the spiral and eat from the tray, too.

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Happy Birding!

Ginger & Lori


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  1. Hi Bryson. Love this site. I used to have feeders when the kids were small and we lived in a rented rural house with a wonderful garden. We had a large window looking out on the feeders and it was really fantastic. Lots of finches and tits. It was so busy. I had a book on the window so we could identify all the varieties. We have since moved and this year, I’m doing a lot of work on the garden. Getting the birds to visit is going to be a big part of it so all the feeders will be coming back again. I am going to bookmark your site so I can get some ideas and make our garden a beautiful sanctuary for birds. The kids are grown now, but I still have the bird book, with the cover almost faded away to nothing. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Eoin,
      Our daughter is also grown and our dog-eared birdbook sounds like yours! You can get an updated poster if you join Project FeederWatch from Cornell School of Ornithology. This is also a free link I use often to help identify birds (or listen to the calls of my favorites when they are not at the feeders): http://www.birds.cornell.edu/onlineguide/
      If I can be of assistance as you get your sanctuary started, please let me know!
      Happy Birding!

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