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Love to see what different types of birds are at your feeder? Want to keep track of the new birds that visit your feeders and/or try to attract different types of birds?

If you answered YES, Project FeederWatch is for YOU!

What is Project FeederWatch?

Project Feederwatch is out of Cornell Orinthology Department and in conjunction with Bird Studies Canada. It is an EXCELLENT way for you to get involved in helping scientists track the migration of bird populations during the winter months. Project FeederWatch lasts all winter long (November through April, typically). You will take a few moments of your day and note the time and type of bird you see at the feeders, in the trees, or on the ground. You send in the data on a chart (sent to you) or online. The data is then used by scientists to help track the movement of birds during these coldest months.

Who Can Participate?

ANYONE can participate in ProjectFeederwatch. You do not have to have a computer (although submitting your logs is easier online – the logs can be submitted via mail). Novice bird watchers to birding experts can all join Project FeederWatch. I joined Project FeederWatch as a classroom teacher. My students tracked the birds that landed on the trees outside our classroom.

How Often Do I Have To Submit/Post?

Cornell Ornithology and Bird Studies of Canada would like you to post over two consecutive days every week. However, due to holidays, we were not able to post that often. It is OK – ANY data helps them in the overall tracking of the birds.

Is There A Cost?

Yes. If you are already a Cornell Lab member, it is $15. U.S. residents pay an annual participatiom fee of $18. If you live in Canada, it is $35 and you become a member of Bird Studies Canada.

What Do I Get? Why Do I Have To Pay?

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Bird Studies Canada are non-profit organizations. Project FeederWatch is supported almost entirely by participation fees. Both organizations are not-for profit and do not get additi It covers your FeederWatch Kit, staff support, web design, data analysis, and the year-end report. You get a FeederWatch poster with the most common birds of your area and a handbook with instructions. You will also get a Bird Watching Calendar for your Bird Watching Days.

How To Become a FeederWatch Member:

Click on This Link to Become a Member Today

Happy Birding!


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