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Gone is the cold of winter and the sun is shining brightly!Male House Finch

Our backyard sanctuary is in a flurry with new visitors, such as the red headed House Finch (see right) and Downy Woodpecker (See at bottom of page)!

The goldfinches have taken over both Nyjer socks with our new Nyjer from Duncraft. The cardinals are constantly swooping in to gobble up the black oil seeds and mealworm addition to our suet. Want to make your own suet? Click Here

RedHeaded Downy Woodpecker




Hope your backyard bird sanctuary is bustling with beautiful birds. Need hints? See our link to What Birds Love to Come Home To!

Happy Birding!

Bryson Harbin


Sanctuary Updates — 2 Comments

  1. What was the possible cause of the scene from Alfred Hitchcocks’ “The Birds”, over the weekend.. Hoards of beautiful “Red-Winged Blackbirds?” Could it have been weather related, Signaling a massive weather event?

    We soon found out, early this morning..massive rainstorm! I trust our birds to tell us more than meteorologist..lol, Beautiful sight these beauties!

    • LA,
      Many naturist as well as members of other cultures (i.e. Native Americans) believe that animals are predictors of significant events. I remember when the birds no longer sang on 9/11. A major storm ripped through Texas last night and hit the East Coast today – it is possible that they were indeed signaling a major weather event!
      Ginger and Lori

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