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Happy Spring!


Welcome to Spring!!! When you walk outside, I hope that you are hearing the beautiful return of the songbirds signalling that warm weather is on the way!!!

Over the last few days, I have seen a tremendous increase in the number of birds visiting my backyard sanctuary – but you have to know where to look! This is the time where attracting new birds and retaining backyard favorites happens!!!

Top 5 ways to spotting your feathered friends

What is the best way to spot new or returning birds?

5. Newly sprouted green plants and flowers: These budding flowers and grasses will attract your resident birds as well as those traveling migrants that are not commonly found in your area except for a few fleeting days.

4. Rustling leaves: watch for rustling of leaves in trees and dense thickets/shrubs as birds are foraging for nesting materials to start their spring nest building

3. Tree Perching: Birds often perch in trees with new leaves or in open areas singing their hearts out in order to attract their springtime mate

2. Ground Feeding: Spring rains bring lot’s of yummy worms to the grounds surface – a favorite of many birds

  1. Sunbathing: You will find birds sunbathing in clean water bird baths or in open areas on cooler spring days to take advantage of the spring Sun’s warmth!

How to Spoil Your Feathered Friends

If you are like us, we are happy to say good bye to the cold and hello to warm sunny days! One of our favorite spring past times is relaxing or meditating outside listening to the chirp of the birds. They spoil us with their brilliant beauty and beautiful songs. Why shouldn’t we spoil them?

If you are new to backyard birdwatching, click here for tips about how to turn your backyard into a beautiful backyard bird sanctuary.

If you need to restock or add to your backyard bird sanctuary, click here for my favorite recommendations regarding nesting boxes/birdhouses and bird seed/bird feeders.

Do you have any favorite spring memories watching birds? Have you spotted a new bird? Share with us below!

Happy Spring,

Ginger & Lori





Spring Has Sprung! — 2 Comments

  1. I live in a townhouse without much to attract the birds, but I’ve seen my spring favourites flying overhead – geese! They’re making their return for the summer. I’ve also seen mallards begin to pair up. I’m still waiting on the robins though, they’re always the last to appear. When they show up (there’s usually one in the tree across the street, singing his heart out like you said!) that means spring is here for real.

    • Rebecca,
      I am working on a link about attracting birds in small spaces…. there are a few ways you can have your own mini-sanctuary… Hummingbirds are the easiest to attract in small patio areas.
      Canadian geese are my good luck charm – I don’t live near water, so I have to wait until I go near a lake to see them or if I get lucky, I see them overhead 🙂
      Thank you for your posting – Hope you see your robins soon! (I think we are all ready for spring!)
      All The Best,
      Ginger & Lori

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